Choosing the Best Exercise Equipment for Seniors

exercise equipment senior citizens

Exercise equipment for senior citizens is an extremely popular topic. There are many reasons for this, and they are all valid. The older population in America is growing, which has created a need for more exercise and more workouts. As the Baby Boomers begin to age, exercise needs to be increased to keep them healthy and fit.

In the past, the best way to exercise was to go to a health club or to hire a personal trainer. This was quite expensive, and most people could not afford to do this. The best solution would be to invest in a home gym machine. Now there is a huge choice of fitness equipment for the older population out there. There are simple treadmills, elliptical trainers, and exercise bikes. There are also rowing machines, stationary bikes, and stair masters.

The exercise equipment for the older population that is best to choose is a resistance training machine. Resistance training can be used for weight loss and to build muscle strength. A great resistance trainer for exercising seniors is a treadmill. There are many different types of treadmills to choose from, so finding the one that best suits your requirements will not be too difficult.

Exercise Equipment Senior Citizens

Another good exercise machine that is relatively inexpensive is a stationary bike. These bikes provide a low-impact aerobic workout that many seniors find helpful. You don’t have to worry about resistance; instead, you use pedals to ride a bike. This type of bike has many different settings to make sure that the user finds an aerobic level that they prefer.

One great low-impact exercise machine that can be found in the elliptical trainer. Elliptical machines are great fitness equipment for senior citizens because they are low impact and simulate walking or running. This type of exercise is good for weight loss and is very effective for burning calories.

Aerobic Exercise

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For those that may be more interested in aerobic exercise, a recumbent cross trainer may be the best choice. An elliptical cross trainer is basically just like riding an elliptical machine but on your back. The senior citizen can keep their upper body relaxed while maintaining good cardiovascular health. An exercise bike or treadmill can be used by adults as well as children, but a recumbent cross trainer is most recommended for older adults.

Stair Climber

Many seniors also find that using a stair climber is a great exercise for their joints and muscles. Stair climbers simulate jogging or walking while at the same time increasing the cardiovascular activity in the senior fitness machine. Some stair climbers even come with a monitor, so you can keep track of your heart rate as you climb. Many seniors also find that they can use their imagination by thinking up different ways to exercise on their stair climber.

No matter which of the exercise machines the senior in your life chooses, make sure that it is the right one for them. Many seniors want to be able to continue living as independently as possible, especially if they are not physically active. Finding the best exercise equipment that is right for them is all about trial and error. Stair climbers and ellipticals are two great choices for seniors as they are both low-impact options that can be used in the home.


Ellipticals are much more powerful than treadmills and will give the elderly a low-impact way to get their daily exercise needs met. Using an elliptical trainer will be especially beneficial for those seniors who have difficulty using stairs. Since the elliptical utilizes a spinning motion, there is less impact on the joints. A treadmill, on the other hand, uses a belt that is moved across the floor on a friction basis. Over time, many injuries have been attributed to this type of fitness equipment for this very reason.

Even though both stair climbers and elliptical trainers are low-impact methods of exercise, the elliptical trainer does have a higher rate of recovery when compared to a treadmill. This is due to the motion of the elliptical trainer. The user can move their legs and hips on the elliptical trainer without making contact with any hard surface. This reduces the risk of injury that accompanies certain types of exercise equipment. It may take some time for the elderly to become accustomed to using exercise machines that are not of their age and may result in soreness for the elderly as they begin exercising. Repetitive movements, as is common with exercise equipment, will also increase the chance of soreness for elderly individuals.

Bottom Line

Exercise equipment for seniors can be a good way for them to increase the number of calories that they burn on a daily basis. When seniors start exercising on exercise machines, they will typically find that they are able to add more weight to their exercise routine. As their bodies become stronger, the amount of calories they burn will increase, resulting in a healthier lifestyle for the senior citizen. As the number of years increases, the amount of calories the body burns will also increase.

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