Elderly Seniors Can Benefit From Elderly Balance Exercise

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Senior Balance Exercises are a sample of some of the most basic balance exercises used in physical therapy. The exercises progress from easiest to most difficult from start to finish. If you’re using a walker or a cane, be sure to use a spotter for assistance. The exercise can be accomplished alone or with another person. You should start slowly at first to avoid injury.

One senior balance exercise is the single-limb stance. This exercise is usually easy to teach and does not take long to master. To do this exercise, place your one neutral leg in the left foot and place the other neutral leg in the right foot. Next, cross your arms over your body, so your upper body forms a straight line from your left leg to your left arm.

Senior Balance Exercise

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Balance and coordination exercises for the elderly are a mainstay of physical therapy for many ailments. Seniors often have poor balance and are at high risk for falls. Physical therapy programs often include exercises to improve balance and stability. Exercise is also beneficial because it improves circulation, reduces muscle tension, and helps the elderly maintain a healthy weight.

Another senior balance exercise is the kitchen counter exercise. For this exercise, you will need two empty boxes. On a flat surface, place one box on top of the other, making sure there is at least a 3-inch gap between the two. Next, place your legs in the boxes and position yourself so that you are sitting in an upright posture. Then, push your body off the ground as far as you can until you begin to feel a pull on the back of your thighs.


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Another of the many senior balance exercises involves balancing on one leg. Begin by balancing on one leg, then balancing on the opposite leg. Repeat on the other side. This may sound difficult but do not think that this is something beyond your reach. Once you begin to feel a mild stretch in one leg, begin moving to the next leg.

There are many balance exercises that can help the elderly. You do not need expensive gym memberships to enjoy the benefits of physical activity. In fact, most senior fitness classes are free or cost a nominal fee. As you age, you will probably find that physical exercise becomes more important to you than ever.

Balance and flexibility training exercises are great for improving your self-esteem and confidence level. The kitchen counter is a great place to start. The single-limb stance can be modified to include both hands, allowing for more effective balance exercises. Balance and flexibility are important to your overall health and well-being. One of the simplest and most effective balance exercises is the single-leg stand-up balancing pose. This simple exercise increases your balance, strengthens your muscles, tones your body, and improves your body posture.

Things To Consider

Seniors spend more time alone than any other age group. Walking is an important way for seniors to keep their independence alive and healthy. Adding exercise to your daily routine is always a good idea, whether you are trying to make changes in your senior years or just want to keep your body strong and fit. If done correctly, balance exercise can provide a wonderful addition to your senior routine and can be a fun way to stay active and independent.

There are several varieties of balance exercises that can be used by seniors. You can try exercises with dumbbells, medicine balls, balance disks, resistance bands, or painting balls. Balance exercises using these tools allow you to target many areas of your body rather than just one, which can be beneficial in preventing boredom and relieving stress and muscle tension. Straight line, hanging, and jumping jacks are great straight-line exercises that can be performed anywhere at any time.

Balance exercises using a painter’s tape are an excellent way to tone and condition the muscles as well as strengthen the bones and joints. Painter’s tape provides an inexpensive way to perform a full-body workout that will build strength and help you prevent injuries. Walking on the painter’s tape requires no equipment besides a straight line and two dumbbells. Walking on painter’s tape also allows for a variety of challenging maneuvers and requires only one hand.

Bottom Line

For more challenging and advanced senior exercise programs, you may want to consider investing in a full-body stability and balance system. This type of system consists of a walking stick, balance board, exercise ball, and a Pilates mat. The system provides a full range of motion, developing strength in all the muscles used when walking, standing, and sitting. Stabilizing exercises using the stability and balance system can also improve balance, increase joint mobility and improve posture.

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