Exercise Videos For Seniors – A Great Way To Stay In Shape

exercise videos for seniors

Exercise videos for seniors can be a fun and engaging way to encourage older adults to move and exercise on their own, without the help of a trained professional. Often, people begin to see the positive effects that regular exercise can have on their health and vitality. In addition to the obvious increase in strength and flexibility, exercise can also lead to lower blood pressure, stroke, and dementia. In that case, there are many types of exercise videos for seniors that can be helpful, as long as the participants follow the instructions carefully.

Exercise Videos For Seniors Is Fitness Videos Featuring A Yoga Or Pilates Instructor

One type of exercise videos for seniors is fitness videos featuring a yoga or Pilates instructor. These programs provide an excellent way for older adults to get started with their own exercise routines. Many instructors provide demonstrations on a standard monitor, in HD, so that everyone can view the video at the same time. Some even have music, so that all of the participants can enjoy the gentle pace of the video.

Yoga and Pilates have been proven to improve overall health and well-being. These exercises improve posture and strengthen core muscles, so that older adults can prevent common pain and disability that come from poor muscle development and weak joints. Yoga and Pilates can be done alone or with friends, and in addition to simple workouts, videos can also incorporate more complicated workouts, such as using resistance equipment. These workouts provide more benefits than simple stretching exercises alone, because they work all of the muscles in the body at once.

Ones That Feature A Workout Using Free Weights

Another type of exercise videos for seniors are ones that feature a workout using free weights. Free weights are much safer than machines, because the weight has no impact on joints. Some exercise machines cause injuries because they do not give the user enough range of motion, which can cause pain. With a good resistance strength program, seniors can strengthen their muscles and bones and improve their overall health.

There are many different types of free exercise videos for seniors. Some focus on posture improvement, so that seniors can maintain proper spinal alignment as they age. Others can help improve strength and flexibility. Still others may integrate other routines, such as yoga or pilates, into their workout routines. Regardless of what they focus on, these routines can make a senior feel stronger, improve their posture and give them a more active lifestyle.

Beginners Should Start By Working On Basic Moves

Many of the fitness programs in videos are geared toward beginners. Beginners should start by working on basic moves that use very little in terms of equipment or time. For example, there are some exercises for beginners that require the individual to stand on one foot and step into a sitting position. Other cardio exercise videos for seniors can allow individuals to hop onto an exercise ball, turn around and do some push ups, or do sit ups. These easy cardio workouts will build muscle strength while loosening up the joints, so that when the individual moves to a more challenging workout, it will be easier.

In addition to the aerobic workout videos for seniors that feature walking, swimming and bicycling as basic routines, many of the workout videos for older adults focus on strength training. In order to obtain optimal muscle strength, older adults need to do high repetition strength training. These workout videos for seniors allow seniors to work on strength without the risk of joint damage.

Bottom Line

In order to build the strongest body possible, older adults need to have a proper exercise program. Seniors can achieve their goals, whether it be to remain independent or to remain at home with their parents. With the proper exercise program, seniors can stay fit, stay in good health and enjoy a happier, healthier life. With the fitness routines in the form of workout videos for seniors, this goal can be reached.

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