In Home Senior Care Services for Seniors

home senior care services

It is never a good time to leave a loved one home alone. The news is full of elderly people who have dementia, Alzheimer’s and other degenerative diseases and who need constant medical care. But assisted living doesn’t always provide all the necessary services. It is not safe for seniors to stay in their homes alone. Therefore, many families turn to in-home senior care services.

Home Senior Care Services

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Most families find that the cost of home senior care services is less than the costs of long term care insurance. This is a savings for the family because it eliminates the need for an expensive out-of-home caregiver. Even with the additional services, the costs are comparable. Therefore, hiring an in-home caregiver saves the family money.

Many seniors who live alone don’t want to be separated from their family and friends. They often want to go out for entertainment activities and to see visiting relatives. However, seniors who don’t have the option of having a caregiver have no one to turn to for help when they fall or slip. In addition, if there is a medical emergency, the senior may be frightened by being alone. Therefore, the services provided by in home senior care services provide a comforting presence for seniors who don’t feel comfortable being alone.

There are several different types of in home senior care services that are available. First is the compassionate residential facility. This type of senior care facility offers three major services to seniors: the provision of meals, personal care and health assessment. If your loved one doesn’t want to move into a long term care facility, then the compassionate residential facility can provide the necessary personal care and medical monitoring to meet your loved one’s needs.

Next, there is the memory care and personalized assistance program. Memory care services help the caregivers and seniors interact with one another in an enjoyable, familiar environment so they will feel at home. Some of the services provided include: companionship, housekeeping, light housekeeping, laundry assistance and housekeeping for those in need of both companionship and medical monitoring.

Finally, professional caregivers offer additional assistance in the senior home care services. They offer life coaching, speech and physical therapy, medical and dental care and transportation to and from medical facilities. Many of the professional caregivers also offer non-medical in home senior care services such as shopping, light housekeeping, personal care and companionship. It is important to choose a provider who can provide these additional services because many seniors who live alone do not have household staff to help them with these tasks.

Another benefit of hiring a caregiver to assist with the senior living in home is the personal care. When assisted living begins, seniors are often very lonely and don’t feel comfortable leaving their homes. However, when professionals provide personal care, seniors are able to maintain their independence while remaining in a warm and safe environment. Most elderly individuals suffer from arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, stroke and other ailments that make it difficult to stay independent. When a caregiver accompanies a senior, the senior can enjoy the perks of having someone to talk to, participate in physical activities and help with personal hygiene.

End note

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In addition to offering the above mentioned senior in-home senior care services, the best way to ensure the safety and well being of your senior loved one is to hire a licensed, trained and insured caregiver. It’s important that you have a trusted friend or relative on call 24 hours a day to come and take care of your senior loved one. A licensed and trained caregiver offers basic first aid skills and can assist seniors with common physical ailments as well as those involving the mind and the body. This is especially important if seniors fall, suffer from a debilitating illness, or are involved in some type of accident. When you hire an in-home caregiver, you can rest easy knowing that your loved one is safe and happy.

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