Senior Housing- Types Of Senior Housing

As people age, their needs often change. For some, this may mean that they need to move from their current home to a place that better meets their needs. Senior housing is one option for those who are looking for a new place to live as they get older. There are many different types of senior housing available. Types of senior housing include:

Independent living –

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A type of senior housing where seniors live in their own homes. Other services, such as meals and housekeeping, may be provided on-site or nearby. The cost can vary greatly from location to location. In fact, some senior housing communities are based on income levels. This means that depending on your financial situation, you could pay less or more for the same place to call home. Also, note that many independent living facilities also offer assisted living and memory care.

Assisted living.

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assisted living – a type of senior housing where individuals who need help with day-to-day activities can go. Assisted living communities to provide a private apartment with a kitchenette and bathroom. This type of housing typically has 24-hour staff and is designed for seniors who can live independently but need some additional support. Learn more about assisted living.

Continuing care retirement communities –

A type of senior housing where you can get independent living assisted living or memory care. These communities are popular with residents because they offer the ability to move from one level of care to another without ever leaving the community. In fact, many senior retirement homes have on-site doctors and nurses which make them feel like small hospitals. The costs vary greatly depending on what services you currently need plus other factors such as location and size of the home. Learn more about continuing care retirement communities.

Memory Care –

A type of senior housing where individuals with Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia can live. These homes are specifically designed to help those with memory impairments. They often have a secure environment, staff who are specially trained in memory care, and activities that promote socialization and engagement. Memory care communities usually charge more than traditional assisted living facilities because the level of care is higher. Learn more about memory care.

Nursing Homes –

A type of senior housing where seniors can get 24-hour nursing care. Nursing homes offer both private and semi-private rooms. They also provide meals, laundry service, and social activities. The cost for nursing homes varies depending on the state you live in, but it is typically more expensive than other types of senior housing.

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