Where to Find Exercise Classes For Senior Citizens

exercise classes for senior citizens

Exercise classes for senior citizens are more popular than ever. Exercise classes are not only for the elderly. As a society we have become very sedentary and that is hurting us. The number of deaths from obesity is growing and the number of people who do not get enough exercise are increasing as well. In order to reverse this trend and in order to reverse the harmful effects that being sedentary has on our bodies, we need to start an exercise program.

Exercise Classes For Senior Citizens

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There are many exercise classes available to senior citizens. Most of these exercise classes are held at local community centers or parks. In many of these locations there are designated aerobic or fitness instructors on hand to help guide our members through the exercises. They are usually very knowledgeable about the exercises and about which ones will benefit our particular needs.

Some of the exercise classes that are available for seniors may include walking, biking, swimming, walking or jogging. These activities all have their own benefits and rewards. One of the greatest benefits of exercising offsite activities is the added socialization that occurs. With several local parks containing an exercise facility for seniors, our local community becomes a walking, biking, swimming and jogging town. Our seniors can socialize with other seniors and also take part in the many recreational activities that occur on a daily basis.

Many people tend to think of running when thinking about exercise classes for senior citizens. That is one of the main reasons why so many seniors choose to take a run on the weekend rather than exercise at home. The great thing about a run is that it can be done any time of day – morning, afternoon and even at night.

One of the favorite exercise classes for seniors is to play bingo at an area community center. This activity has always been popular for seniors. The great thing about a game of bingo is that it can be played at anytime of the day. In addition to having the opportunity to play bingo in numerous locations throughout the community, seniors can also find solace in being able to interact with others during their free time. When you play bingo, you are given the opportunity to interact with other seniors that are enjoying the same community activities.

How To Enjoy Exercise

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Another way to enjoy exercise classes for senior citizens is to enroll in a fitness class. There are a number of different types of fitness classes that you could enroll in. From yoga and Pilates to dancing and tennis, there are a number of different types of classes available. Most of these classes are offered every day of the week, and you do not have to make special arrangements to take a day of the week that works for your schedule.

Many exercise classes are also available online. If you would rather work at your own pace and schedule, some online classes are available. These exercise classes usually combine yoga and other physical activities into one easy to follow program.

Exercise classes for senior citizens can help to improve the quality of life that you enjoy. These activities can improve your health and well being, and in many cases can help you live a more enjoyable and active life. The first step is simply making an appointment. If you do not have an appointment to attend, most community centers and health clubs offer similar programs.

Different Exercise Programs

As with most things in life, moderation is the key to successful exercise programs. As with all types of physical activity, do not overdo it. Exercising too often can have a negative impact on your health. These classes for senior citizens are designed for those who need to learn how to maintain a balance between exercise and daily chores.

In some communities, such as the elderly in New York, exercise classes are a popular activity. In other areas, like those in the White Mountains of Virginia, the elderly tend to be more stationary. This does not mean that they are less capable of exercising. In fact, many older people find exercise classes beneficial. In a healthy community, people are likely to be more interested in and able to participate in classes.


Finding a place to go for exercise classes is the first step to improving your health. You will not only have a fun activity that you will be able to participate in regularly, but you will also meet new friends. Whether you live in an apartment or have your own home, there is a community near you where you can go for group exercise classes. By maintaining a healthy lifestyle, you will feel better about yourself and be able to live a long, productive life.

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